1955 Peterborough Re-build

Re-building a classic boat can take many thousands of hours. I try to shoot some photos every day, or at least every day of noticeable progress. Scraping and sanding and fixing the same beautiful wooden vessel for months on end is a labor of love. The following photos attempt to convey some of the stages of progress. From removing the old fiberglass to installing the new electrical system.

The shine of Varnish

The art of Varnishing has been in practice for thousands of years. Today, with the same tools and recipes, the art continues. These surfaces have 8 coats of Epifanes Varnish applied by hand with a badger brush. Each coat takes 24 hours to cure and about 2 hours to apply. The lower hull in these photos is epoxied fiberglass with a coat of marine grade Poli-Urethane. The ancient Egyptians were well acquainted with the art of varnishing. Varnishing, however later … Continue reading The shine of Varnish