1955 Peterborough Royal

She had been in the same family for over 45 years and after numerous repairs and a previous re-build by 2013 she had been serving for 58 years. On her last outing an accidental hull puncture placed her in a precarious position, invest or retire. Fortunately for this Royal, she had become part of her family, part of the heritage and history of her owners. Now, after a complete re-build she will continue to be a part of her families … Continue reading 1955 Peterborough Royal

1954 McCall

In the Shop I found this in a field with plants growing out of her. At 13.5 feet she’s a tinny thing, but evidence shows that she had been in regular use for most of her life. With 4+ major repair jobs and 15 different colors of paint on her, she has had a very active life. She needs her ribs rebuilt, backbone, keel, runners, transom, deck, furnishings all replaced. She is going to be a great little racer soon … Continue reading 1954 McCall

Celebrity 240

This 24 foot cruiser was strong and healthy…except for all of her interior wood. The floor seemed a little springy to the client. It turns out that what remained of the floor was carpeting and staples. All of the wood needed to be replaced. We re-enforced the structural integrity of the hull by using white oak hard wood 2×3 inch floor joists to replace the factory installed plywood.